Highly reliable, hydrostatic ride on power trowels specially designed for large (floor) projects.

Ideal trowels for professional contractors who need hard-working, long-lasting and user-friendly machines.  The design is powerfully simple:  one diesel engine, tandem-mounted hydrostatic pumps two hydraulic drive motors and three hydraulic-steering assemblies.  Advantages of hydrostatic power trowels are:

 No gearboxes.
• No belts.
• No clutches.
• Simple, trouble-free design.

  • Equipped with Hydro Twin-Pitch Control which is a patented design allowing the operator, with 2  switches, simultaneous or independent control of both sets of blades.
  • Tandem-mounted hydrostatic pumps ensure equal flow and pressure to both drive motors.
  • Independent drive motors provide consistent power to each side.
  • Patented proportional hydraulic steering for controlled manoeuvrability on the slab.
  • Integral hydraulic oil-cooling system with high volume cooling fan.
  • Adjustable seat with automatic shut down (CE-regulations).
  • Standard equipped with finishing blades.
  • For each type special transporters are available.